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Being charged with drinking and driving is a serious matter. Most DUI offenses in Pennsylvania carry a mandatory jail sentence and driver license suspension. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need straightforward advice to make informed decisions about your case.


Igor Litvinov is a former Assistant District Attorney who’s prosecuted hundreds of drinking and driving cases and knows the multitude of possible defenses to DUI charges. The Litvinov Law Firm will help you examine all your option and guide you through what can be a complicated criminal justice system.


There are few areas of criminal law in Pennsylvania more hotly contested and litigated than drunk driving cases. For example, evidence illegally obtained by police can be subject to suppression, or thrown out and prohibited from being used by the prosecution.  We will carefully investigate the facts of your case, and create a solid litigation plan. The Litvinov Law Firm will put forth the best DUI defense possible in your case.


In addition, Attorney Litvinov is knowledgeable in the various alternative disposition programs available to people charged with DUI, such as ARD and Treatment Court, that may save you from serving a jail sentence.


When charged with a DUI contact the Litvinov Law Firm for a free consultation.  We will aggressively fight for you, and make sure that your rights are respected.


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