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On July 18, 2018 the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania entered a unanimous opinion overturning a termination of parental rights for a client represented by the Litvinov Law Firm, LLC.

Attorney Igor Litvinov represented a mother whose parental rights were terminated by the Berks County Orphan's Court on a motion filed by the Berks County Children and Youth Services.

On appeal, Attorney Litvinov argued that the trial court erred by admitting a great number of exhibits without permitting defense to cross examine their authors.

The Superior Court agreed with the trial judge and upheld the termination of parental rights. Attorney Litvinov appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court granted a rare chance for review.

Briefs were submitted by all sides and oral argument was held. After a painstaking and thorough review the Supreme Court agreed with Attorney Litvinov's argument.

The Supreme Court over turned the termination of Mother's parental rights and remanded the case for a new hearing. Justice Donohue, writing for the Court, stated that “the right to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of one's children is one of the oldest fundamental rights protected by the Due Process Clause.” The Supreme Court reiterated well recognized precedent that a decision to terminate parental rights must be based solely on competent (i.e., properly submitted) evidence.

Attorney Litvinov is proud to have successfully argued the Mother's case in front of the highest court in Pennsylvania.

Aug 23 2018 02:31AM by Donald Housholder

It is about time that somebody stepped up found out how corrupt and unjustified CYS really is I hope to God she gets her children back

Aug 23 2018 03:09AM by Lidia burgos

My kids was takin in 2013 n 2014 n they are nt in a great hme my newborn came to a visit wth a yeast infection from nt bathing the parents let my 7 year old baby grl change my 2 month son my kids does nt like that place plz help I'm worried fr my kids

Oct 24 2018 12:17AM by Kelly

I need a good berks county family lawyer to go up against cys. Pro bono. We need help. Wrongly accused.lies and falsified documents. Hippa violations. Our rights violated. Abuse cys let oir 5 yr old endure and witness domestic violence. They did emorale acts towards my son and family. They now are going to tall to my baby about not living with us and he doesnt know whats going on. We werent made aware and arent going to be there and we still have our parental rights. My parents are his foster parents right now.

Nov 29 2018 04:37AM by Anne Marie

Berks County Children and Youth Services is the most corrupt system ever. we are desperately fighting to keep my granddaughter and my son and my daughter-in-law have never touched the child in any way shape or form wrong.. my granddaughter is special needs has physical condition had open heart surgery and now CYS is trying to obtain her and adopt her without even having a full hearing. We go to court tomorrow and there absolutely fudging this whole entire case and we have no way to get any type of help. this is what CYS once and this is what they are banking on to obtain this innocent 10 month old baby. Just so they can make money off of her.

Feb 20 2019 04:01PM by Salli dreyer

Berks cys has my 11 year old daughter living with my older daughter Cruz of my past they have nothing on me . But a DUI in 96 an one in 2002 .I tried to call the so called worker so wont call me back .an she let's my 11 year old live in a house where all they do is fight get high have her baby sit 6 kids ages 1 to7 .my older daughter is a peace of shit anymore all Cruz of the dead bet she is with . I need help getting my daughter back

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